Bologna, November 7-11, 2018 International Agricultural and
Gardening Machinery Exhibition

Up Front

The program for young in EIMA

In Bologna events and information initiatives dedicated to young farmers, agrarian students and members of the new generation as candidates for jobs in the agricultural machinery sector. The exhibition agenda includes the national assembly of the AGIA Agricultural Association, the Mech@grJjobs program, the Campus Area and information meetings sponsored by the Ministry for Economic Development.

The bioenergy of EIMA

High profiles will be given in Bologna also to the technologies for the management of biomass for energy purposes with tre Energy Salon. New generation models of machinery and demonstration trials along with conferences and training seminars in the dedicate space. The partner organization, the Italian Biomass Association, ITABIA, has recalled that the European Union is aiming to extend renewable energy sources to account for 32% of electric, heating and transport consumption by 2030.

The novelty of EIMA Digital

Among the new features slated for EIMA 2018 the Digital area dedicated to electronic technologies and IT for the management and control of machinery (Pav. 33 Three). Thirty-five specialized industries will exhibit their wares in this section with a range of products from GPS systems on to ISOBUS devices as well as drone flights and software for elaborating data transmitted by satellites and sensors.

All the news from EIMA Desk

In the setting of EIMA International 2018,  Pavilion 33 III will host an EIMA Digital space and the EIMA Desk and EIMA Campus. The first of the three will be dedicated to industries producing software and advanced electronic systems for agriculture and agriculture engineering; the second will bring together such services as information on public contributions, information of revisions, courses for learners licenses for driving tractors and demonstrations on machine shops; the third will preside over universities and research institutions. Finally, Mech@griJobs on an initiative by UNACMA, the National Agricultural Machinery Dealers Association, is planned for young people studying in agrarian schools and technical institutes to inform them of employment in the agriculture engineering supply chain.

EIMA International in Brussels

The 43rd edition of EIMA International was presented this morning in Brussels, at the European Parliament, in the presence of the Vice President of the Commission for Agriculture and Rural Development, Paolo De Castro. The meeting was attended by the President of   FederUnacoma, Alessandro Malavolti,  and the Managing Director of FederUnacoma, Massimo Goldoni.

Online exhibitor forms to attend EIMA International 2018

Registration is now open to take part in the 43rd edition of EIMA International, scheduled from 7 to 11 November, at BolognaFiere. Some two thousand manufacturing industries and business people from around the world are expected to take part.

EIMA Agrimach grows

The fifth edition of the international fair of agricultural machinery, which took place in New Delhi, December 7 to 9, came to a close setting a new record in terms of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from   many foreign countries, visited the fair to experience firsthand the characteristics of innovative machinery specifically designed for local crops. The next edition of EIMA Agrimach will be held in December 2019, in a context of increasing cooperation between Italy and India.  

EIMA International Road Show: first step in New Delhi

The organization of the Bologna exposition of agricultural machinery and equipment   has already been put in gear. First official press conference in India today.  Some two thousand manufacturing industries and   business people from around the world are expected to take part. The format calls for 14 merchandise sector and four special salons plus a new salon coming up dedicated to irrigation systems and the management of water sources.

Opening day for EIMA Agrimach 2017

The exposition of agricultural mechanization organized by FICCI and FederUnacoma began today in the Indian capital with a ceremony in which Indian and Italian authorities played parts. The three days of the exhibition and machinery trial demonstrations featured for the event underscores the great potential generated by Italian-Indian cooperation. Speaking at the inaugural conference was the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina.

A new EIMA International specialized salon

EIMA Idrotech is the specialized salon to be dedicated to machinery, equipment and accessories for irrigation for the Bologna exposition. The new area will flank the other four salons on components, gardening, biomass and multi-function farming taking over Pavilions 22 and 23. All the new features in the irrigation sector will be exhibited in an easily recognized area to facilitate visits for farmers and business people.

EIMA Agrimach 2017

The planning of the fifth edition of the trade fair in India set for December 7 to 9 is continuing at a good pace thanks to the partnership of FederUnacoma and FICCI for business people on the subcontinent as well as throughout the Asian region committed to the world’s most dynamic markets.  The biennial event  has thus risen to a premier role in the panorama of trade fairs dedicated to agricultural mechanization. This claim is testified to by the exposition’s numbers, some 300 industries exhibiting, half of them from abroad, and the 38,000 visitors who arrived for the 2015 edition.


The organization of the EIMA Show Umbria trial demonstrations is moving ahead for the event scheduled for next July 28 and 29 on the Casalina di Deruta farm near Perugia. The logistics have been completed for preparing meetings and dealing with issues for the demonstration days dedicated to precision agriculture. A draft of the list of companies taking part has been published.

Promotion of EIMA Agrimach 2017 in Asia

FederUnacoma and FICCI, the partnership organizing EIMA Agrimach 2017 set for December 7 to 9 in New Delhi, presented the trade fair to the specialized media and business people in the sector at the end of Mayin Mayanmar, Malaysia and Vietman.

EIMA Agrimach India Road Show

The first round of meetings and conferences has launched in India the 2017 edition of the international agricultural mechanics review coming up next December in New Delhi. The stages from Bangalore, Pure, Ludhiana and on to New Delhi for the presentation of the exposition have disclosed an increasing success for bringing to the capital business people from all the Indian states and the principal countries throughout the Asian area. 

EIMA Show Umbria 2017 presentation

The demonstration of machinery and technologies for precision agriculture – EIMA Show Umbria 2017 - is coming up in July on the Casalina di Deruta farm to coincide with Agriumbria. FederUnacoma, UmbriaFiere, Coldiretti Umbria, University of Perugia and the Agraria and Cesar Foundation Institution are the organizers of the event with the sponsorship of the region. New methods applied by deploying satellite, computer and sensor systems mark the new frontier of agriculture and enable the use of increasingly timely and scientific production factors with benefits for productivity and the environment.

BolognaFiere / FederUnacoma agreement

An agreement has been reached to maintain the international agricultural machinery exhibition in Bologna. The parties have agreed to extend the contract for another seven biennial editions, as BolognaFiere commits to renovate the exhibition venue by 2024 and has planned a series of intermediate steps to monitor the joint project.

EIMA Agrimach 2017

The 2017 edition of Agrimach, the exhibition on agricultural machinery that will be held in New Delhi December 7-9 next year, has been presented in Paris during the SIMA International Agribusiness Show. The fair is the point of reference for the Indian subcontinent, but also for all the countries in the Far East aiming to develop their primary sector and that are recording record increases in demand for agricultural machinery.  

EIMA International: the triumph of mechanics

The great exposition of agricultural mechanics came to a close with the new record of 285,000 visitors from 140 countries arriving in the Bologna trade fair quarters. A large number of business meetings and widespread interest shown by the news and social media for the event staged as a great festive event for agriculture and the earth.

Club of Bologna: a new president with 25 years of history

The prestigious assembly of agricultural mechanics authorities are celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary at EIMA International with the nomination of Paolo Balsari as president to succeed Luigi Bodria.

The minister of the Environment at EIMA

"There is an essential issue on agricultural machinery for the environment. Working with manufacturers for greener agricultural machinery is an objective" Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea Gian Luca Galletti declared   during a visit to the pavilions  of the review.  

Minister of Labor Poletti at EIMA International

Minister of Labor Giuliano Poletti paid a call on EIMA International, the review on agricultural mechanics underway in the Bologna Trade Fair Center, which included a discussion on issues associated with work in the agriculture sector.

Precision fertigation at EIMA 2016

A new way to fertilize crops and improve yields while reducing quantities of the products used per hectare, lower managements costs, cut the time taken for operations and impact on the environment, all to the advantage of the farming enterprise, is precision fertigation. The meeting of Edagricole.

EIMA International: a focus on Africa

EIMA International staged an event on the exposition's third day on the matter of developing agriculture in Africa in a conference entitled Mechanization of Family Farming: the Future of Africa with the delivery of a report on the primary sector on the continent accounting for no more than 3% of the tractors in use around the world. The main obstacles in the way of mechanization here, it was said, are the lack of distribution and assistance networks and under qualified professionals.

New grass cover for football show business

Un convegno tecnico, svoltosi a Bologna nell'ambito di EIMA International, ha descritto le problematiche e le soluzioni innovative per la realizzazione e la manutenzione dei campi da calcio. Tecniche agronomiche e macchinari specifici sono fondamentali perché i campi possano avere gli standard richiesti nei campionati di serie A e B.

RDP and EIP opening funding for innovations in agriculture

European Union Measures 4.1 and 16 are open to applications for financing. For the former, Rural Development Programs, the procedure and criteria for qualifying has been changed. Measure 16, on the other hand, under the European Innovation Partnerships in the RDP, one of the new RDP principles calls for the objective of favoring sharing experiences and knowledge. At EIMA the Edagricole meetings

EIMA Day for Africa: family farming mechanization

The EIMA Day for Africa was set in Bologna in EIMA International, the great exposition of machinery and gardening, with a conference on Family Farming Mechanization: The Future of Africa organized by FOCSIV, Volunteers in the World, FederUnacoma and the AfricaHandProject.

The Oscars for contractors services at EIMA

Featured for the first time in any EIMA exposition of agricultural machinery, in progress until November 13, prizes were awarded under the heading Contractors Service of the Year which were presented to six of these agencies.

The President Confindustria at EIMA

Attending the 42nd edition of EIMA International, the great agricultural machinery exposition underway in Bologna, the president of the Italian Manufacturers Federation spent time with members of the media discussing major current events.

Contractors, a resource for agriculture in transformation

The third report on contractors was made public at EIMA International. The number of contracting agencies are in decline but recourse to these agro-mechanics enterprises is growing.

Fewer chemicals in agriculture in the bio-economy

From green manure to cover crops and on to crop rotation to reduced operations are the practices for the correct management of crop residues and the use of natural nutrients and bio-based products for weed control.The meeting of Itabia.

INAIL financing to counter accidents in agriculture

As of November 10th, farmers interested in help for the purchase of machinery with high safety standards can file a pre-registration form on the website of INAIL, managing funds of  45 million available. An conference on EIMA outlines the institute's history dating back a hundred years.

Political conference opens 42nd edition

The review features a schedule for an important political meeting entitled Machinery for Agriculture: A New European Agenda. The assembly was promoted by FederUnacoma in collaboration with CEMA for a meeting of entrepreneurs and representatives from institutions and the political sphere on strategies for the recovery of the agro-mechanics sector.

EIMA opens

The first day of the review witnessed a flood of visitors 20% greater than the numbers attending the opening of the review of the previous edition held in November 2014 when more than 26,000 visitors were on hand.

New traffic plan for EIMA 2016

For EIMA International 2016 the flow of vehicle traffic outside the BolognaFiere – a critical factor during the 2014 edition due to the traffic jams caused by the arrival of visitors – has been redesigned on the basis of the specific requirements of the exposition by mapping routes alternate to the Fiera exit and the Ring Road where traffic usually piles up. 

Thanks to the creation of a Control Center with the participation of competent officials of the City of Bologna, the police, the Autostrada Agency, the Trade Fair Agency and FederUnacoma, traffic will be monitored in real time and the flow of automobiles will be directed to the least trafficked highway exits.

ITABIA Seminars

In the setting of the EIMA Energy Salon, ITABIA (the Italian Biomass Association) has organized a series of seminars dedicated to the various themes in this sector: biomass removal, chippersm bio-economy supply chain, digital mapping of forest terrains, technologies for production of biogas, etc. There is no charge for taking part in the seminars following registration.

EIMA Presentation in Sicily

An event focused entirely on cereal grain crops in the setting of Cereal Anch’io (Cereals Me Too) is scheduled for September 17th in Sicily featuring exhibitions and field trials of machinery and equipment and meetings for studies on cereal grain operations. The day, organized by the Agrisicilia publication, will also include a press conference for the presentation of EIMA International 2016 to be held at 12:00 a.m. in a tensile structure.

Come to EIMA

A new section has been created on the EIMA Homepage to provide a quick guide for purchasing tickets for Italian visitors through an online box office open in September, for accrediting Italian members of the media and those arriving from abroad and for all exhibitors to invite Italian and foreign business people, plus a section in English only reserved for online registrations of business people coming from abroad.

New location for EIMA M.i.A.

This EIMA salon is dedicated to multifunctional agriculture featuring interactive exhibition ares immersed in a greenery setting of machinery, equipment and services for strengthening rural activities based on the environment, landscape and culture. This year, the salon will be hosted in the Palazzo dei Congressi in the BolognaFiere trade fair center with access through the Piazza Costituzione entrance.

EIMA International 2016 Preliminary Catalogue

The EIMA 2016 Preliminary Catalogue is available online for leafing through and downloading for early information on all the exhibitors taking part in the 42nd edition of the Bologna exposition and all the fundamental details for the best way to organize visits one of the world’s most important agricultural mechanization events.

Web exhibitors reserved area online

As of today, the area reserved for exhibitors is open on the EIMA website to provide them with access to various services created by the organization (online invitations for Italian and foreign business people, forms for the request of services and utilities, BolognaFiere gate security, etc.) to facilitate the participation of companies in the event. Beginning this year, companies can use the website to download maps of the stand assigned to each company by going to a section to be opened on Wednesday, July 13th. Usernames and passwords were sent to all the companies today, addressed to the company’s person of reference reported in the registration procedure. 

Online program of EIMA meetings

Edition after edition, EIMA has been confirmed as a full-scale event dedicated to the mechanization of agriculture and gardening with the exposition of more than 50,000 models of machinery and equipment plus a lavish program of events and meetings. These appointments already scheduled are reported in the dedicated section.

EIMA 2016: the last available spaces

Six months ahead of the start, 95% of the 150,000 m² net, and 375,000 m² overall, have already been assigned and for some sectors a waiting list has been opened. Beginning now is laying out the plans in the pavilions for the exhibiting companies and work on furnishings to ensure the most rational utilization of the areas. To make room for some 1,900 companies taking part, seven temporary pavilions will be added to the 18 permanent pavilions and outdoor areas will be equipped for demonstration trials. With this level of participation, and considering that the most recent edition in November 2014 drew record crowds of 235,000 business people, this year's agricultural machinery exposition is certain to carry a highly significant impact on Bologna, economically as well as for logistics, requiring city authorities, agencies and transport infrastructure to come up with plans for strengthening services for visitors. The logistics and system for welcoming all those arriving to the trade fair for the upcoming edition will take on greater importance in light of the event's increasing internationalization. Among the exhibiting companies taking part, 460 industries are coming from 140 countries. The entire Bologna trade fair center has already been allocated for the 42nd edition of the international exposition of agricultural mechanical engineering more than six months ahead of the opening. In spite of the addition of seven prefabricated pavilions to permanent facilities, it will no longer be possible to meet the requests for exhibition space still coming in from industries in the sector. Other than the Italian industries, manufacturers are arriving from Germany, France, the United States, Spain, Turkey and China for an event featuring exhibitors from 43 countries and expectations of visitors from 140 countries.


FederUnacoma surl important notice for the Exhibitors

FederUnacoma surl, organizer of EIMA,  would like to bring to the attention  of the exhibitors that the Agencies "Events Fair, Commercial Online Manual S and Expo Guide" have never been authorized by FEDERUNACOMA Surl to utilize neither the name and/or the logo of the EIMA International Exhibition, nor the Exhibitors' data and have not been authorized to collect inquiries on behalf of FEDERUNACOMA Surl / EIMA.

Please, see enclosed the letter   that the Event Fair send to companies.

Trend of exhibitors' registrations

The requests of manufacturers to take part already account for 85% of the exhibition area available eight months ahead of the review and a number of merchandise sectors are approaching closure. The demand for space at EIMA overall has increased by 10% over the most recent edition.

EIMA increasingly international

FederUnacoma and ICE, with the assistance of MISE, are at work organizing the foreign delegations taking part in the upcoming EIMA in greater numbers over the previous edition when sixty official delegations arrived from abroad. Information and promotion activities are also moving forward at the leading trade fairs in the sector around the world.

Eima 2016

The dates for the next EIMA International Agricultural and Gardening Exposition have been set for November 9th to 13th , 2016. The events staff of FederUnacoma, the federation promoting the review, has already started work on preparations for the 42nd edition of the exhibition to be presented internationally beginning in the near future.

EIMA 2014 statistical data

Statistical data on the EIMA 2014 exhibitors and visitors now available, separated according to Italians and foreigners by region and origin of Italians and countries of foreign origin. Overall, the review hosted 1,809 exhibitors and 235,614 visitors.

Eima 2014: phenomenal!

EIMA International can vaunt extraordinary numbers for the 41st edition which just closed with 235,614 visitors logged in. Also growing was the number of foreign business people arriving to confirm the exposition as an agricultural mechanization point of reference on the world scene. Technologies, the economy as well as social cooperation in agriculture were among the themes which came to the surface during the event. The president of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, Massimo Goldoni of FederUnacoma, affirmed that agricultural mechanization is one of finest expressions of our civilization.

EIMA Live online

Follow the Eima events live on the EIMA web TV which broadcasts 24 hours on the website of the exhibition.

Floriculture: the EIMA's Green Island

Vehicle bodyworks and tires but also green lawns, flowers and other ornamental plants. These are the new features for EIMA International, the great exposition of machinery for agriculture, gardening and grounds keeping under way in the Bologna Trade Fair Center now hosting for the first time a section dedicated to floriculture. In the exhibition area near the Piazza Costituzione entry to the grounds visitors will find pavilion 49 where they can come into contact with the 20 nursery companies set up on 8,000 m² for presenting their solutions for plantings, urban dećor and green areas. This new sector is putting in its first appearance in the setting of mechanization for taking in the demand of suppliers of public administrations as well as private parties as of today - the day that has seen the opening of the exposition not only to businessmen but also to the general public.

The firts data concerning Eima

The third day of EIMA International took off this morning with the arrival of great crowds of the public. Following opening on the 12th, the first two days of the event witnessed a growing number of visitors compared to the most recent edition held in November 2012. The data point to a flow of 73,380 visitors in these first two days, 18,370 of them coming from abroad, to boost total attendance by more than 22%. Many business meetings that took place in the stands and halls set aside for business-to-business encounters organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with ICE, the Italian Trade Agency.

Eima: opening day

Visitors from more than 120 countries have crowded from early morning EIMA exhibition, which opened today in Bologna, in order to discover all the new features suitable for all kinds of agriculture offered by specialized industries.

Italian and international agricultural mechanization data

Data made public at the presentation of EIMA International by  this morning at Bologna, confirm the great volumes of Italian agricultural machinery sales on foreign markets in 2013.The Italian registrations of tractors, combine harvesters, transporters and trailers all showed, negative balance sheets for the first ten months, January through October.

The events of Eima 2014

Numerous meetings will enliven the five days of the international agricultural mechanization exposition. Agencies, publishing houses and exhibiting industries are promoting gatherings and conferences on technical and policy issues of interest. More than one hundred appointments are on the calendar to confirm the Bologna review as not only a promotional and commercial event but also cultural

Quadriportico Eima Close Up

The central area of Bologna's trade fair will be set up with natural settings, to host technical innovations and multifunctional machines. Large screens to follow the Web TV and live events. Among the new initiatives, the casting for a new reality show set in the rural world

Technologies for land maintenance

Eima MiA, the salon on multifunctional agriculture, will draw a focus on technologies for land maintenance. Visitors arriving in the trade fair center Four-Sided Arch area will find on display all the principal types of machinery for work to counter hydrogeographic deterioration along with technical specification sheets.

Floriculture section at Eima 2014

The next Eima will bring in a section dedicated to floriculture with systems for the production of flowers, bushes, trees and lawns as well as beads or curbs for setting up flower beds, bio-synthetic loam, tree anchorages and grating for gravel paving along with seeds and plant treatment products all exhibited in a scenographic setting in Pavilion 49, in the Eima Green Salon focused on machinery and equipment for gardening and groundskeeping.

The Eima 2014 TV ADVS

The advs We have is the main protagonist of the Eima 2014  TV commercial - created by Studio Errepi of Rome  -  now  in  preview on Eima you tube channel. From the next week the TV advs will be used for the TV advs campaign  on national and local circuits.

Eima Press Conferences: next meetings

The series of press conferences to present the exhibition EIMA International 2014 will continue with 8 other appointments already scheduled to run: June - Tirana (Albania), EIMA SOUTH EAST EUROPE, July - Obihiro (Japan), IAMS, July - Indianapolis (USA), AGRICULTURAL MEDIA SUMMIT, September - Algiers (Algeria), Mission ICE October - Moscow (Russia), AgroSalon, October - Qingdao (China), ciame, October - Cheonan (Korea), KIEMSTA, October - Kiev (Ukraine), INTERAGRO.

Eima presentation in Morocco

Appointment in Meknès in Morocco for the next presentation to the public of foreign economic operators of the 2014 EIMA International edition. The press conference will be held Friday, April 25 on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Agriculture, schedules from April 25 to May 3.

Competition for technical innovations

The exhibitors of the upcoming EIMA are invited to participate in the competition for technological innovations, reserved for them, who was born in 1986 celebrates its 25th edition. Is it possible to send requests for registration until July 7.

Trend of registrations for Eima International

A month ahead of the opening of registration for exhibiting at Eima 2014 more than 70% of the total area available has been committed for an 8% increase over requests for space for the same number of companies. A waiting list has already been opened for various merchandise sectors.

Eima press conference at Fima in Zaragoza

The first meeting in a cycle of press conferences abroad planned for the presentation of Eima 2014 came Thursday, 13 February, at Fima in Zaragoza, the Spanish exposition which this year marked its 50th anniversary.

Eima presentation at Fieragricola

A FederUnacoma press conference was held 6 February at the Fieragricola review which covered a report on agricultural machinery market data and the presentation of FederUnacoma activities planned for 2014, including Eima 2014.