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    #Sitevi2017: From Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th November 2017, we'll exhibit the electrostatic sprayers:

    - Pulled Whirlwind M612 Duo Wing Jet -
    - 3P Mounted "MC2" Electrostatic Duster -
    - Pulled Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2 -
    - Pulled Phantom M120 -

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    Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2 Electrostatic Mist Blower 1500 l, Treat...


    The Whirlwind delivers its spray in a fine mist that penetrates dense foliage, covering leaves, fruit and twigs alike with a fine coating of chemical on all sides. No bare areas and no wasteful chemical run-off.
    In this video a Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2 Electrostatic Mist Blower 1500 l, Treatment of Citrus in South Africa.
    To know more look at the Pull-Type Whirlwind M612 (PTO) Sprayers inside the "OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS AND CONFIGURATIONS​" page, right down here:

    The 3P Mounted Phantom M612 sprayer


    The 3P Mounted Phantom M612 sprayers are specially recommended for the following crops: Wine grapes, Table Grapes, Orchards, Olives, Citrus, Walnuts, Chestnuts, Tropical crops (Papaya, Mango, Avocado, Pineapple, Bananas, Pineapple, Oil Palm Trees, etc.), Field crops etc.
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    Whirlwind M612 Duo Wing Jet Electrostatic Mist Blower, 1500 ...


    This Whirlwind M612 Duo Wing Jet mist-blower is Martignani’s most recent answer to the issue that farmers are facing to an increasingly greater extent: “MINIMIZE the amount of product dispersed in the environment during pest control & agricultural treatments”.
    To know more:
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    EMDA's Industry Showcase | Martignani


    Martignani at
    EMDA's Industry Showcase & Fall Convention
    Booth 503

    A show-and-tell opportunity for manufacturers and marketers of goods and services of interest to distributors, reps and manufacturers of farm equipment and related products.

    #EMDAHouston #Martignani


    We're pleased to announce that the "ENAMA" certifications, dated 29/03/2017 relating to M612 Standard, M612 Turbo2, M612 Multiflow Sprayers and their extensions have been recognized by all European ENTAM Certification Institutes.


    Luca Bellettini, on behalf of Martignani S.r.l, withdraws the award assigned to the Martignani Electrostatic M612 Compact Sprayer with "Gib-Dor" Diffusor:
    Mention Agrilevante 2017, for its innovative effectiveness in the application of hormones, growth regulators or active substances against Botrytis Cinerea and Grape Moth, on table grapes and actinidia.

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    New John Deere powered "Whirwind M819 Plus" for banana spraying