Bologna, November 7-11, 2018 International Agricultural and
Gardening Machinery Exhibition

General floorplan and Merchandise sectors

General floorplan

General floorplan EIMA International

Merchandise sectors

Sectors Merchandise
II° Machinery for land reclamation and forestry
III° Tractors, walking tractors, all-purpose vehicles and motor hoes
IV° Machinery for tilling, seeding and fertilization
Plant and crop treatment machinery
VI° Irrigation machinery
VII° Harvesting machinery
VIII° Machinery for initial processing and conservation of the product
IX° Machinery for livestock raising
Machinery for the agri-industry
XI° Machinery for transporting product
XII° Components, accessories and spare parts
XIII° Gardening and public green area equipment, small powered and manually operated machines
XIV° Various machines for agriculture, livestock management and for the cleaning of stalls, machines and equipment for renewable power sources for agriculture