Bologna, November 7-11, 2018 International Agricultural and
Gardening Machinery Exhibition

Theme salons

Focus on the large sectors of agricultural machinery and gardening.

Eima Green

EIMA Green

The full range for green

EIMA Green is the salon allocated to mechanical technologies and equipment for gardening and the groundskeeping of green areas. The salon features exhibitions of the most innovative instruments for the maintenance of parks, sports facilities and public and private greens as well as advanced systems for urban décor and green architecture. In the setting of the great EIMA International exposition, the Green salon is fundamental for big distribution businesses, garden centers, municipalities and recreational activities and is also an attraction for hobbyists and all enthusiasts of greenery.

Eima Components

EIMA Components

World leaders in the sector

EIMA Components is the salon dedicated to the enormous sector of components for agricultural mechanical engineering for bringing together industries from around the world presenting manufacturers and suppliers their spare parts and accessories for all types of machinery and equipment. With more than 700 exhibitors arriving, EIMA Components is set up as the world’s largest salon in the sector enlivening technologies within EIMA International, the great exposition of agricultural machinery.

Eima Energy

EIMA Energy

The EIMA International bio challenge

EIMA Energy is the salon packed with technologies for the use of renewable energy resources of agricultural and forestry origins. The salon has become one of the most highly qualified appointments for businesses in the sector. On offer here is a wide panorama of machinery and technologies for the rational and economic management of agro-energy supply chains in all production and environmental settings. Other than the exhibition itself, the EIMA Energy Salon also provides an outside area for demonstration trials of new generation machinery and systems.

Eima idrotech

EIMA Idrotech

Technologies and plant for irrigation and management of water

To enhance the value of the numerous exhibitions of irrigation machinery and systems, an EIMA International strong point, the organizers of the 2018 edition decided to create a new exhibition area for the sector.

Eima Mia


Exhibition dedicated to Multifunctionality in Agriculture, which presents diversification opportunities for farms

EIMA MiA is the salon specialized in multifunctional agriculture for putting on offer realistic solutions for anyone intending to carry out activities in a rural setting which are complementary or alternative to the work of traditional farming. Machinery and systems for recreational activities and agritourism, for the maintenance of rural lands and urban green areas and small scale agro-industry production will take over a stage with evocative scenographics based on the architecture and culture of greenery. Multifunctional agriculture is an issue which has generated great interest, especially for the vast reaches of European agriculture where these activities have risen to the fore in the rural economy.