Bologna, November 7-11, 2018 International Agricultural and
Gardening Machinery Exhibition

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Viale del Commercio 73
45039 Stienta (RO) ITALIA
tel. +39-0425-746242
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Product n. 1

Machines designed to perform the mowing grass and collecting simultaneously by aspiration the cut material, foliage and other debris on the ground.

Product n. 2

Machines with central arm, with extensions from 5 to 15 meters, realized on measure according to the type of vehicle and the operating requirements that they have to face.

Product n. 3

HerbHy - tool carrier radio controlled vehicles designed for the green maintenance, forest interventions, agricultural work, earth moving, snow removal.

Product n. 4

Machines with advanced arm arranged for rear mounting on the tractor with a wide rotation of the arm that allows to put the tool head in forward position.

Product n. 5

Rear mounted machines prepared for attachment to the tractor three-point linkage and PTO of the same. They are available in lengths from 3.5 to 10 meters and with different types of arm.

Product n. 6

Machines for specific use in the maintenance of green roadside in the presence of barriers or obstacles such as guard rails, stone posts, etc.

Product n. 7

Solarclean includes a series of machines to wash, with brush, solar panels, which could be self-propelled or arranged to be applied to carrier vehicles, tractors and trucks.