Bologna, November 7-11, 2018 International Agricultural and
Gardening Machinery Exhibition

Press Releases

October 16, 2018

The 43rd edition of the agricultural mechanization will feature the launch of Pavilions 28-29 and 30 and the format for decor will make it easier to recognize the theme salons. Strong video panels in the exposition grounds will signal orientation for the visitors expected to arrive from 150 countries.

October 13, 2018

On show in Bologna will be brand new machinery and devices selected and named for awards by a jury of experts. The technologies entered in the competition reach across all compartments, from tractors to implements and components. This year, the the exhibition of prize winning technologies will be shown with a new format to include information on increasing reality, which means a telephone system allowing access to the additional contents for descriptions of each single model on display of the way they work in operational settings.

October 12, 2018

Visitors from 150 countries are expected to arrive for the agricultural mechanization exposition along with official delegations from 70 countries through the organization of FederUnacoma and ICE, the Italian Trade Agency. Some 400 business people in the delegations will take part in business-to-business meeting with the exhibiting industries set up according to the merchandise categories of interest, with a special focus on Sub Saharan Africa, Asia and the United States.

September 20, 2018

The international exposition of agricultural mechanization is planning events and information initiatives dedicated to young farmers, agrarian students and members of the new generation as candidates for jobs in the agricultural machinery sector. The EIMA International agenda includes the national assembly of the AGIA Agricultural Association, the Mech@grJjobs program, the Campus Area and information meetings sponsored by the Ministry for Economic Development.

September 17, 2018

A salon dedicated to technologies for the management of biomass for energy purposes will run for EIMA International scheduled for November 7 to 11 in Bologna. High profiles will be given to new technologies, new generation models and demonstration trials along with conferences and training seminars. The partner organization, the Italian Biomass Association, ITABIA, has recalled that the European Union is aiming to extend renewable energy sources to account for 32% of electric, heating and transport consumption by 2030.

September 13, 2018

The layout is almost completed for assigning stands to the manufacturing industries exhibiting, now up to 1,930 arriving for the trade fair confirmed as a global pinnacal for the huge array of quality technologies. Exhibitors from 49 countries and business people from 150 countries are expected to come to underscore the international standing of the event prepared for a public of visitors certain to exceed the record number registered for the most recent edition which came to 285,000.

July 24th, 2018

The EIMA Green Salon dedicated to gardening and groundskeeping technologies is set for EIMA International scheduled to run next November 7 to 11. Some 300 manufacturers from 13 countries will exhibit their products in the context of a market in growth in Italy in the first half of the year following increasing demand also around Europe in 2017.

July 20th, 2018

Among the new features slated for the 2018 edition of the agricultural mechanics exposition in Bologna running from November 7 to 11 is a Digital area dedicated to electronic technologies and IT for the management and control of machinery. Thirty-five specialized industries will exhibit their wares in this section with a range of products from GPS systems on to ISOBUS devices as well as drone flights and software for elaborating data transmitted by satellites and sensors.

July 17th, 2018

The event in Umbria was a show dedicated to machinery and digital agriculture systems which brought in the participation of 6,000 farmers and technicians in the sector. For the near future the goal of the organizers' committee is to extend the EIMA Show beyond the regional borders to become an event with national attraction in light of the growing importance of precision agriculture and the IT control systems arriving in the coming years.

July 7, 2018

The 2018 edition of the EIMA Show is providing a full schedule of field trials and information sessions for the agricultural machinery and technologies event set for next July 13 to 15 on the Casalina di Deruta farm in the Perugia Province. Demonstrations of the work performed by draught animals will be especially impressive as well be the simulation of drone flights visitors will be able to view with the assistance of specialized instructors.

May 30, 2018

In the setting of the great review of agriculture engineering scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna Pavilion 33 III will host an EIMA Digital space and the EIMA Desk and EIMA Campus. The first of the three will be dedicated to industries producing software and advanced electronic systems for agriculture and agriculture engineering; the second will bring together such services as information on public contributions, information of revisions, courses for learners licenses for driving tractors and demonstrations on machine shops; the third will preside over universities and research institutions. Finally, Mech@griJobs on an initiative by UNACMA, the National Agricultural Machinery Dealers Association, is planned for young people studying in agrarian schools and technical institutes to inform them of employment in the agriculture engineering supply chain.

January 31, 2018

The 43rd international agricultural machinery exposition set for November 7 to 11 at the Bologna Trade Fair quarters came up for presentation in Verona. There are expectations of new record numbers for the review claiming second place in the world for the number of manufacturers exhibiting and visitors arriving and ranked first for internationalization. Among the new features planned is the Idrotech Salon dedicated to irrigation and water management and the inauguration of new Pavilions 29 and 30, the first built through the ambitious program for restructuring the exposition quarters.

December 7, 2017

The organization of the Bologna exposition of agricultural machinery and equipment scheduled for next November 7 to 11 has already been put in gear. Some two thousand manufacturing industries and business people from around the world are expected to take part. The format calls for 14 merchandise sector and four special salons plus a new salon coming up dedicated to irrigation systems and the management of water sources.

July 29, 2017

Two days dedicated to machinery and systems for precision agriculture drew to a close this afternoon at Casalina di Deruta (Perugia). Close to a hundred machines at work in the field, more than 15,000 visitors taking part in the event already reaching into the future with a second edition planned for the summer of 2018

July 28, 2017

The first day of the event showcasing agricultural machines and technology took place in Umbria in front of a large audience. Hundreds of models of machines and equipment for a 4.0 agriculture were put to work in the fields. To meet the demand for food of an increasing population, to improve the productivity of agricultural firms, including small ones, and train a generation of technicians able to transfer the IT and electronic innovations to agricultural firms are objectives that can be achieved today.

July 27, 2017

The first edition in Umbria of the event dedicated to trial demonstrations of machinery and implements for precision farming will be inaugurated tomorrow on the Casalina farm in the communities of Marsciano and Deruta. Attending the opening ceremony set for 9:00 a.m. on the farm will be the Umbria Region President, representatives from the region's commission for agriculture, local university and agriculture education administrators and those involved in farming and agricultural mechanics.

July 18, 2017

An agreement between FederUnacoma, the Italian agricultural machinery manufacturers federation, FederUnacoma. and MIRUMIR, the company organizing Dronitaly, has been reached for the development of activities aimed at precision agriculture and automation of agricultural activities. According to the agreement MIRUMIR is entrusted on an exclusive basis with the organization of collective sector of exhibits in the settings of the upcoming events - fairs and demonstration - promoted by FederUnacoma in 2017 (EIMA Show and Agrilevante).

July 18, 2017

The appointment is at Casalina di Deruta in the Perugia Province for a display of demonstrations of new generation machinery and technologies sponsored by the Italian federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers, FederUnacoma, with the Umbria trade fair agency, universities, training institutes and professional farmers' organizations. Tractors and other machinery and equipment will be put to work under the control of satellite systems and avant-garde IT and electronic technologies. The organizers of the event have explained that precision agriculture makes it possible to achieve maximum yields with a smaller commitment of productivity factors to drastically reduce the impact of farm operations on the environment.

Press Release n.41 November 14th, 2016

The prestigious Florentine institute and FederUnacoma, representing agricultural machinery manufacturers, signed an agreement at EIMA International for furthering research and divulgation of technologies for the primary sector.

Press Release n. 40, November 14th, 2016

The great exposition of agricultural mechanics came to a close with the new record of 285,000 visitors from 140 countries arriving in the Bologna trade fair quarters. A large number of business meetings and widespread interest shown by the news and social media for the event staged as a great festive event for agriculture and the earth.

Press release no.39 November 13rd, 2016

More than a thousand people visited the Live Revision Shop over the first four days of the review set up in the EIMA Desk area where highly qualified technicians demonstrated the work required on obsolete tractors for compliance with current regulations. Training sessions in meetings on the Mech@griJOBS project were a great success with 700 students involved as were the courses on learners licenses with 220 of them taking part.

Press Release n. 38, November 13th, 2016

The multifunctional salon promises new business opportunities in complementary agricultural activities. The management of greenery and bio-architecture are sectors also of interest for young farmers.

Press Release n.37, 12th November 2016

The prestigious assembly of agricultural mechanics authorities are celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary at EIMA International with the nomination of Paolo Balsari as president to succeed Luigi Bodria.

Press Release n.36, 12th November 2016

The famous Italian cartoonist Altan designed an illustration for backing the AfricHandProject and a collection of funds for Mozambique at the international agricultural machinery exposition underway in Bologna.

Press Release n.35, 12th November 2016

"There is an essential issue on agricultural machinery for the environment," Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea Gian Luca Galletti declared this morning during a visit to the pavilions in EIMA International, the exposition of agricultural machinery running in the Bologna Trade Fair Center through November 13."

Press Release n.34, 12th November 2016

Minister of Labor Giuliano Poletti paid a call on EIMA International, the review on agricultural mechanics underway in the Bologna Trade Fair Center, which included a discussion on issues associated with work in the agriculture sector.

Press Release n.33, 11th November 2016

A new way to fertilize crops and improve yields while reducing quantities of the products used per hectare, lower managements costs, cut the time taken for operations and impact on the environment, all to the advantage of the farming enterprise, is precision fertigation.

Press Release n.32, 11th November 2016

EIMA International staged an event on the exposition's third day on the matter of developing agriculture in Africa in a conference entitled Mechanization of Family Farming: the Future of Africa with the delivery of a report on the primary sector on the continent accounting for no more than 3% of the tractors in use around the world. The main obstacles in the way of mechanization here, it was said, are the lack of distribution and assistance networks and under qualified professionals.

Press Release n.31, 11th November 2016

A technical conference held in Bologna at EIMA International on the problems and innovative solutions for the creation and maintenance of football pitches. Agronomic techniques and specific machinery are fundamental for taking pitches up to the standard required for the series A and B championship seasons.

Press Release n.30, 11th November 2016

European Union Measures 4.1 and 16 are open to applications for financing. For the former, Rural Development Programs, the procedure and criteria for qualifying has been changed. Measure 16, on the other hand, under the European Innovation Partnerships in the RDP, one of the new RDP principles calls for the objective of favoring sharing experiences and knowledge.

Press Release n.29, 11th November 2016

The EIMA Day for Africa is set in Bologna in EIMA International, the great exposition of machinery and gardening, with a conference on Family Farming Mechanization: The Future of Africa organized by FOCSIV, Volunteers in the World, FederUnacoma and the AfricaHandProject.

Press Release n.28, 10th November 2016

Featured for the first time in any EIMA exposition of agricultural machinery, in progress until November 13, prizes were awarded under the heading Contractors Service of the Year which were presented to six of these agencies.

Press Release n.27, 10th November 2016

Attending the 42nd edition of EIMA International, the great agricultural machinery exposition underway in Bologna, the president of the Italian Manufacturers Federation spent time with members of the media discussing major current events.

Press Release n.26, 10th November 2016

The third report on contractors was made public at EIMA International. The number of contracting agencies are in decline but recourse to these agro-mechanics enterprises is growing.

Press Release n.25, 10th November 2016

EIMA International had a brilliant opening for the 42nd edition of the agricultural machinery exposition taking over the Bologna Trade Fair Center for the duration until Sunday the 13th. The first day of the review witnessed a flood of visitors 20% greater than the numbers attending the opening of the review of the previous edition held in November 2014 when more than 26,000 visitors were on hand.

Press Release n.24, 10th November 2016

The great show of agricultural mechanics underway in Bologna through Sunday, November 13, got off to a start yesterday with a 20% surge reported for the number of visitors arriving for the inaugural day compared to those attending the opening of the most recent edition. Among the appointments set up yesterday those outstanding were a policy conference on reviving the agro-mechanics sector and an INAIL meeting on accidents in agriculture. The day was wrapped up with an International Dinner hosting delegations coming from abroad.

Press Release n.23, 9th November 2016

From green manure to cover crops and on to crop rotation to reduced operations are the practices for the correct management of crop residues and the use of natural nutrients and bio-based products for weed control.

Press Release n.22, 9th November 2016

As of tomorrow, farmers interested in help for the purchase of machinery with high safety standards can file a pre-registration form on the website of INAIL, managing funds of € 45 million available. An conference on EIMA outlines the institute's history dating back a hundred years.

Press Release n.21, 9th November 2016

Changes in European Union Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have brought about a decline in investments in agriculture throughout Europe, especially involving machinery, whereas there must be a return to investing in technological innovations for improving and boosting production and taking on the optimum advantages of these resources. This was the message strongly sent forth during a meeting held at EIMA International named, Agricultural Machinery: A New European Agenda.

Press Release n.20, 9th November 2016

CEMA, the association of European agricultural machinery manufacturers, called for a revision of the European Union regulations with technical requirement norms no longer based on the automotive sector but specific for agro-mechanics. The request was advanced during a conference entitled Machinery for Agriculture: A New European Agenda.

Press Release n.19, 9th November 2016

The review features a schedule for an important political meeting entitled Machinery for Agriculture: A New European Agenda. The assembly was promoted by FederUnacoma in collaboration with CEMA for a meeting of entrepreneurs and representatives from institutions and the political sphere on strategies for the recovery of the agro-mechanics sector.

Press Release n.18, 8th November 2016

Planning new urban landscapes by penetrating the city with the countryside is one of the big issues for the M.i.A. Salon dedicated to multi-functional activities in agriculture. Important cultural and training will enliven the five days of the trade fair, November 9 through 13, the review is divided into to be held in the setting of EIMA International.

Press Release n.17, 8th November 2016

The sales of agricultural machinery over the first ten months of the year were in decline to confirm the negative trend in the sector persisting for years. Statistics updated through October disclosed combine harvesters blocked at 329 units, down 2%, and tractors at 15,283 units for a dip of 1.2% with expectations of less than 18,000 sold by the end of the year. Recovery is made possible by new government measures for farming enterprises but Rural Development Plans are still the major source of financing. A very high share of these funds assigned to Italy, 29%, is earmarked for Measure 4 which specifically calls for the purchase of machinery.

Press Release n.16, 8th November 2016

The data on sales of tractors in the world indicate a general downturn. Declines in Europe, China, and Brazil, while India resumes its growth. The crisis in farm incomes, due to excess production and therefore the decline in the prices of major commodities, is at the root of the decline in machinery purchases. In the geography of the markets, new protagonists emerge, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Ethiopia.

Press Release n.15, 8th November 2016

Tomorrow will be the opening day of the large exhibition dedicated to agricultural mechanization. Technological innovations will be the main characters of the event, that will also give visibility to sectoral policies and new projects for the future of the exposition. The press conference hosted the Councillor for Production Activities Palma Costi, the President of BolognaFiere Franco Boni and the President of FederUnacoma Massimo Goldoni.

Press Release November 4th, 2016

A whole day will be dedicated to the African continent during the international exhibition of agricultural mechanization. A conference promoted by Focsiv on family farms and an event by Cefa on a project for Mozambique will be the key moments of the day, together with the participation of politicians, representatives of institutions and organizations, that are developing cooperation projects and new policies for the use of mechanization in agriculture.

Press Release November 3th, 2016

This year, within the international exhibition of agricultural mechanization, will be placed an area dedicated to "training and safety", providing support and consulting services for operators, as well as demonstration activities and events on topical issues such as the Inail notices, vehicle inspections, driving licenses, work opportunities for young people and research and bioenergy supply chains.

Press Release October 27th, 2016

The large exhibition dedicated to agricultural mechanization – Bologna, November 9 to 13 – attracts a huge number of visitors and for this year's edition provides new criteria for the management of traffic and the loading / unloading operations. Newsletters, maps and tutorial videos suggesting routes for the simplification of all operations are available to visitors and exhibitors.

Press Release October 26th, 2016

The Minoprio Foundation collaborates with Comagarden (FederUnacoma) to offer refresher courses for maintenance professionals, all within the exhibition on agricultural machinery, gardening, and park maintenance.

Press Release October 26th, 2016

As part of the international exhibition of machinery and equipment for gardening and park maintenance, the Monza Park Agricultural School, in collaboration with FederUnacoma, carries out training for technicians and hobbyists. The courses are centred on the use of drones for maintenance and the rules and precautions for the safe use of machinery and equipment for gardening. They involve expert trainers and include the use of films and explanatory demonstrations in the classroom.

Press Release October 21th, 2016

A rich programme of meetings and public events completes the offer of the large exhibition, held in Bologna from November 9 to 13. A political meeting with an European flair will give start to the 2016 edition. Leading role for publishing companies, engaged in the promotion of many specific events of interest.

Press Release October 19th, 2016

The great participation in the official competition for prizes such as New Technical Products, Honorable Mention and Premium Blu awarded for the innovative solutions proposed by the exhibiting industries. Also numerous meetings promoted by universities, associations and publishing houses to further themes on research and the most advanced applications in the field of agricultural mechanization.

Press Release October 4th, 2016

The salon dedicated to multifunctional farming will run from November 9 to 13 in the Bologna Trade Fair Center in the setting of EIMA International for a focus on relations between the agricultural economy and the urban environment. Types of agriculture in periferial areas, urban vegetable gardens and bio-architecture are some of the themes to be dealt with to provide avant-garde technical content, planning and culture.

Press Release September 29th, 2016

The specialized salon running in Bologna next November 9 to 13 covering technologies for the use of agricultural biomass for generating energy will offer a packed schedule of initiatives for informing the general public and professionals in the business on new technologies, the most recent scientific achievements and the good practices in this special sector of renewable energy sources.

Press Release no 5 September 17th, 2016

Data on the 2015 balance sheet of sales disclosed very substantial increases of 42% and 53% for the first eight months of the current year. This strong trend upward is due to a positive measure for freeing financing provided by the European Union Rural Development Program and is running clearly counter to the national market trend, down by 2.9% for the first eight months of the year. The upcoming edition of EIMA International, the great agricultural machinery exposition running in Bologna from next November 9 to 13, was presented to Sicilian business people during the Cereal Anch'Io, Cereals Me Too, review.

Press Release September 16th, 2016

The salon dedicated to components will be held in the setting of the agricultural machinery and equipment exposition. Some 890 specialized industries arriving from more than 37 countries will be taking part in four pavilions allocated for the salon in the sector confirmed as the most complete and prestigious at the global level.

Press Release no 3 September 13th, 2016

The exhibition dedicated to machinery and technologies for gardening and groundskeeping will run from November 9 to 13. More than 270 manufacturers will exhibit ranges of merchandise to meet the needs of professionals in the field and hobbyists. The review, open to business people from around the world, will allow a monitoring of the market trends in various geographic areas for differing categories of products.

Press release no.2 July 14th, 2016

Exhibitors from 40 countries and visitors expected from 140 countries plus more than 80 foreign delegations arriving; these are the credentials for the international exposition of agricultural machinery and equipment scheduled for next November 9 to 13 in Bologna. Specific services planned for foreign business people and a schedule of meetings, congresses and conferences on international agricultural mechanization policies the new geography of the markets.

Press Release April 29th, 2016

The entire Bologna trade fair center has already been allocated for the 42nd edition of the international exposition of agricultural mechanical engineering more than six months ahead of the opening. In spite of the addition of seven prefabricated pavilions to permanent facilities, it will no longer be possible to meet the requests for exhibition space still coming in from industries in the sector. Other than the Italian industries, manufacturers are arriving from Germany, France, the United States, Spain, Turkey and China for an event featuring exhibitors from 43 countries and expectations of visitors from 140 countries.