Bologna, November 7-11, 2018 International Agricultural and
Gardening Machinery Exhibition

Focus Areas

EIMA Campus

Pav. 33 Ter

A section on information on important events aimed at bringing together real productivity, universities and research facilities for supporting farming development of products and increasingly innovative services as well as for facilitating the access of enterprises to laboratories and instruments for having highly qualified human resources.

EIMA Campus is organized in collaboration with the Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering, AIIA and is also aimed at students who will be able to follow the presentation and lessons of the most important mechanical-agricultural universities.


Pav. 33 Ter

An area dedicated to training and safety which provides assistance services and consultation for business people, demonstrations activities and a schedule of events on very current issues, such as public financial tenders, revision, learners licenses and work opportunities for young people as well as information on bio-energy supply chains.

EIMA Digital

Agriculture 4.0 hai a dedicated area in EIMA International - Pav. 33 Ter

Among the specialized areas planned for the event the Digital issue has for the first time a specific area focused on the advanced electronics involved.

Pavilion 33 Three near the Costituzione Entry will be set up as a showcase for the technologies created by 35 applied electronics industries, 20 Italian and 15 arriving from Australia, Austria, China, Germany, Spain and the United States.

Satellite guidance systems, GPS devices, on board computers, ISOBUS systems, weather CPUs, drones, sensors and latest generation software will all be on exhibit in Bologna to the benefit of business people and agricultural technicians and also for the machinery manufacturers interested in equipping their products with devices for optimizing performance.

This technologies are mature and extremely reliable for rationalizing farm management ensuring increasing science and safety in operations in the fields.