Bologna, November 9-13, 2016 International Agricultural and
Gardening Machinery Exhibition

Theme salons

Focus on the large sectors of agricultural machinery and gardening.

Eima Green

EIMA Green

Exhibition dedicated to equipment for gardening, landscaping and nurseries

EIMA Green is going into its second edition as a salon featuring all the mechanical technologies and equipment for gardening and groundskeeping in the setting of the great agricultural mechanization exposition. Major manufacturers from around the world will be on hand exhibiting their new products for professionals and specialists in the sector with an eye trained as well on the broad public of home gardeners. The salon will also host a number of conferences and workshops on topics such as park maintenance, sports grounds and landscape gardening and architecture plus the broader issues of health, quality of life and a green view of the world.

Eima Components

EIMA Components

Exhibition dedicated to components for agricultural and gardening machinery, "flagship" of EIMA International

EIMA Components is the salon dedicated to components, a sector accounting for products featuring some of the greatest originality in the Bologna review with the status of a top-flight event for business-to-business encounters. Manufacturers from all over the world are arriving with what appears as an infinite range of products for immediate application in new designs or as spare parts and accessories to fill a key role at the heart of mechanization which, to a large extent, is decisive in the evolution and perfection of the equipment and machinery used in agriculture and related green activities. A large amount of space is devoted to integrated components which, given the synergies among mechanics, hydraulics and electronics, are also crucial in product innovation ensuring improvements in reliability, performance and energy efficiency as well as respect for the environment and safety.

Eima Energy

EIMA Energy

Exhibition dedicated to renewable energy from agriculture and forestry, presented with live demonstrations

EIMA Energy is an EIMA International salon focusing on agroenergy by providing a 360ยบ range of the finest machinery and technologies for ensuring rational and economic management of sustainable production chains on the scale of farms and industries and for all geographic settings. Companies will be given the opportunity to conduct demonstration trials of machinery and systems for the conversion of biomass to energy in the EIMA Energy outdoors area. Also involved in the review are the producers and distributors of solid biofuels, producers and distributors of liquid and gas biofuels, producers and distributors of plant technologies for the conversion of solid, liquid and gas biofuels to energy and producers and distributors of plant technologies for the production of solar, thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy.

Eima Mia


Exhibition dedicated to Multifunctionality in Agriculture, which presents diversification opportunities for farms

EIMA MiA is the salon specialized in multifunctional agriculture for putting on offer realistic solutions for anyone intending to carry out activities in a rural setting which are complementary or alternative to the work of traditional farming. Machinery and systems for recreational activities and agritourism, for the maintenance of rural lands and urban green areas and small scale agro-industry production will take over a stage with evocative scenographics based on the architecture and culture of greenery. Multifunctional agriculture is an issue which has generated great interest, especially for the vast reaches of European agriculture where these activities have risen to the fore in the rural economy.